Val (metalfreak0666) wrote,

Welcoming 2008

It's been almost a year since I posted on here.
Alot has happened. Alot has been learned.
I am no longer engaged. Someone says they love you, they tell you to trust them, and they will be there for you forever; then they fuck you over. Never trust anyone, sometimes not even your self. Take one day at a time. Whatever happens tommorrow is then and not now. Think about the moment, think about now. Think about yourself. Can't trust anyone after you have given all your trust into someone who says they love you and just stops. Can't do it. Not possible. The mind is one tormenting tool. The heart is even more painful. I'm hoping 2008 will be a new start. If I never here that name again, it will be too soon. I got hurt twice in 2007. Tried to regain myself three times after that, and realized it just wasnt worth it. No more men for me for one whole year. I need to find myself. Clear my mind. Concentrate on one new thing at a time. First off, I'll get my licence. Then take a few courses in school--learn a bit about the human mind; maybe some travel and tourism; accounting. I want to travel some more. Quit smoking. Help the world in some way--volunteer somewhere; donate a bunch of money that I don't have; donate blood.
Five goals that I have set. I have one year (plenty of time) to accomplish these goals. No room for men. Men just fuck with my mind. Let me rephrase that, BOYS fuck with my mind. This year, I just want a clear mind set. I'll deal with men again in 2009. Till then, It's all about ME!!!!

Happy New Years!!!
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