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too cold to wake up this morning--no school. oops!

So Um ya, I really hate this coldness. I was loving that twighlight zone last week warm January weather, and now we're back to this shit. The furnace in my house died a few days ago, so last night in bed I was wearing long sleeved pajamas, two pairs of socks, the bed sheet, the comforter, a wool blanket, another comforter on top of that, plus an extra pillow in between all those sheets at the foot of my bed to keep my feet warm, and I was still cold. It felt like I was sleeping outside. Grrrrrr. I can't wait till the furnace guy comes (supposed to be today).

Friday, Terry and I are going to see 'Blue Rodeo' at Massey Hall. I've never been to that venue. I wonder if it's classy? It just so happens that the concert lands on our two year-sixth month anniversary. That's nice!

random pic from my cousins 40th surprise bday party:

_____________________(Terry, me, older sister, and my parents--heehee, they're cute.)___________________

This pic is dark, but I just found it, and if it were to turn out, it would have been a nice pic.

(me and terry at the CNE)

This one is just kewl---haha,I'm a geek)
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