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the holidays

My holidays were great.
Spent it with family and friends.
Christmas was at my house. The boyfriend spent the weekend at my place and did the whole Christmas thing with us.

mia familia:

Terry and me:

New Years was spent at Nadia and Steve's place. The four of us had a nice little quiet New Years with those split shooters from the LCBO. You know, the half banana half zambuca shots, or the vodka and strawberry shots. Ya, those were fun!
After New years, I spent the day with Terry and his family doing some shopping.

This weekend we were at Crocodial Rock up in Mississauga for my cousin's 40th birthday party.
It was cool.

And sometime during the week, Terry and I went skating down at Nathan Philip Square. That was fun! We also got a ride from those dudes who pull you around the streets in carts? Don't know what they're called.
Oh yes, and we watched 'The Chronicals of Narnia'. Great Film.

Now, I'm back in school. Fucken Oi!
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