Val (metalfreak0666) wrote,

thinking out loud.

Tommorow, Friday, October 13th.
Ah, memories. The last Friday, October 13th, that I can remember, was the night I went to see The Misfits at the Warehouse. I'm pretty sure there was a full moon too, or close to. Those were my young days. I feel so old now. I wasn't scared before. I would try anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone.

I'm almost 25. I need to save money for retirement, start a family, get married, buy a house, get a carreer going, finish school, etc.
Where is the adventures??? I've always just wanted to run away to some weird place and enjoy every little moment until I return home. Who has the time, or the money? Not I.

Maybe a Metallica concert will help me feel better. Oh James!! I miss Your music!!

Now, I shall go drink my tea, then do my laundry, then go to work.
D o
N o t
L i k e
R o u t i n e s
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